After 16 years abroad my husband, John and I, Marika Wulff were tired of life outside of Sweden and wanted to come home to our family. When we saw that a bed and breakfast was up for sale in Kalmars old town we knew it was our chance to move back to Sweden. 

Having a house in the old town of Kalmar is fascinating seeing as it’s an area with a rich history. The castle, the city’s historic park and all the houses located here all have their own history, and so does Kaptensvillans B&B.

Kaptensvillan (The Captain's Villa) was built in 1913 by one of Kalmar's most renowned architects, J. Fred Olson, by order of Captain Isakson. Isakson's’ dream was that his family would live where they could see the ships passing by, and he would be on one of them. You could say it was his way of being closer to his family, seeing as he was away at sea most of the time. Eventually, Captain Isaksson grew tired of being away from his family, so he retired. Even though his children had grown up, moved out, and started their own families, the house was never empty. His children and grandchildren would always visit, which would fill the house with joy and laughter. Eventually, the house was sold on to another family, and Captain Isakson and his wife moved to a new home. There they spent the rest other their lives happy in each other's company.

In late August 1944, a professor by the name of Paul Ekselius moved to Kalmar to educate high school students, at a school called Stagnelius. He and his wife, Ann-Marie, bought Kaptensvillan, which soon after that became their two children's first home. While living in Kalmar, Ekselius became a popular professor, admired by many of his students. Since Kaptensvillan became a Bed & Breakfast, some of Ekselius’ students have visited the house while reminiscing about their professor.

Between 1960-1987 the house had a different purpose. It served as a catholic church called S:t. Christopher's Chapel. Today's dining room used to be a coat room with two doors opening into the assembly hall. The priest had many ambitions for the church. However, due to low funding and conflicting interest from the county administrative board, the church was eventually relocated. The house was once again sold to a family.

It wasn’t until 2008, when the Tribergs bought the house, that it was turned into a Bed and Breakfast. They closed off half the house for their private use and rented out three bedrooms and with a shared bathroom. By 2011 they had new ambitions and put the house up for sale. As mentioned earlier, this was perfect timing for us, Marika and John, because we were looking to move back home after 16 years abroad. Much like Captain Isakson, we were tired of being away from our family and wanted a house where all our children and grandchildren could visit. So we took over Kaptensvillan, renovated all the rooms, and expanded the bed and breakfast area. Today Kaptensvillan is one of the highest-ranked Bed and Breakfasts in Sweden (according to TripAdvisor), frequently visited by both guests and our family. Our greatest wish is that you feel at home when you stay with us at Kaptensvillan Bed & Breakfast!